Saturday, September 15, 2012

Turkey, Mushroom, & Spinach Lasagna and Toasted Oatmeal, Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Roaring Branch, Kelleystand Road, Sunderland, VT.

Saturday, oh, Saturday. A cold Saturday. I've been spending today like I usually spend my Sundays (or BumDays, as I call 'em.) I did spend some time up on Kelleystand earlier though.  It was windy and being by the river didn't help with the chill, but I did notice the leaves on the trees revealing bits of brighter hues.  It's safe to say I'm getting Fall fever. I've even been thinking about how to carve my pumpkins this year.  Here's some of my inspiration:

Also, the aroma of pumpkin spice lingers in my house already thanks to Walmart. They have 3oz jar candles for $1.00. I only went by the candles with the intention of "just smelling" them. I bought ten; nine pumpkin spice, one hazelnut cream. I've also had my eye on the wax warmers they now have at Walmart. The owl wax warmer is my favorite.
Owl Wax Warmer

Normally on a day like this, I might throw something together in the crock pot. That's not happening today. Not only is there enough chill in the air to make me appreciate the heat of the oven, but I crave the comfort of a well-prepared lasagna. But not just any lasagna. This one. A lasagna so good you would never know it was healthier. 

And for dessert?  

With a nice, big glass of milk.

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